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Medi Home Hospice 





4242 Fayetteville Road

Lumberton, NC 28358




(910) 6711-6842

Medi Home Hospice is provided by a special team of caregivers chosen to meet the unique needs of the patient and their family.  A nurse provides care and instructions on medications, assesses symptoms, and communicates with the patient’s physician.  A social worker assesses resource needs and provides support to the patient and family.  A home health aide provides personal care and some homemaker services.  A volunteer may run errands, or even sit and read to the patient.  A spiritual counselor is available for support if desired. We also offer speech, physical and occupational therapy.


Medi Home Hospice is about helping an individual and their family[TGD1]  share the best days possible as the deal with a life-limiting illness.  It’s about adding quality of life, and helping the patient live those days as they choose.  Providing quality care to our patients and their loved ones is our #1 goal.  We value the trust our patients, their families and physicians have in our staff.


Our staff will be glad to talk with you about your needs and how hospice can help. Please call or visit our office listed below:


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