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About Howard University Stigma Project

 The Coalition for Elimination of AIDS-related Stigma (CEAS) was a group of professionals, community leaders, concerned individuals, and organizations that came together in 2009 to focus efforts to eliminate the stigma associated with HIV. Stigma prevents individuals from getting tested for HIV, seeking medical care, disclosing the diagnosis to loved ones, and adhering to treatment and follow up. Stigma has become a major reason why the HIV epidemic continues. We have changed our name to the Howard University Stigma Project and have expanded our efforts to address other related stigmas as well, such as mental illness. Through our conference and related efforts, we plan to measure the burden of stigma, test the effectiveness of intervention mechanisms, implement appropriate strategies, and determine their effect over time. Our goal is to create a comprehensive Center for Social Justice in Healthcare for research, education, and advocacy to fight stigma.

Dear RCORP Consortium:
We are thrilled to inform you that you have been selected as a Stigma Warrior Award recipient in 2020 International Conference on Stigma. This award honors those who have gone above and beyond in their field to fight stigma and discrimination and to advocate for those with HIV or other stigmatized conditions. You will be recognized on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, during the opening session of the main part of the conference, around 10:10 AM EST. You do not need to do anything at that time but there will be a slide show of awardees. You will also receive a certificate and gift card after the conference. Congratulations on the outstanding achievement! Please send me a photo that we can include in our slide show, and make sure you register for the event- you can do so at no charge at

Thank you
Saher Iqbal and the International Conference on Stigma Team”
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