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Funeral & Cremation

Funeral & Cremation

The passing of a loved one can be difficult even when we work to prepare for it. Part of that preparation , hopefully, has been the End of Life planning done by the individual who has passed away. If not, both funeral or cremation services can be found through services provided by a funeral home. Below is a simple guide which includes things to consider is planning for a funeral or cremation.

  • Select a person to guide the burial service- a pastor, rabbi or other spiritual leader.


  • The American Legion: Posts in Rowland, St. pauls, Lumberton, Maxton, Red Springs and Pembroke.

  • If your loved one is a member of a particular race or ethnic group, you may want to provide a service including a recognition of this.

  • Secure a final resting place. If you are planning for a cremation, there are certain requirements that a crematorium must follow. Click here for further information from the Cremation Association of North Carolina.

  • Costs for funerals and cremations vary.

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